There are several sources of energy – more or less emitting greenhouse gases. A power that is produced from renewable, less polluting sources (hydro, wind, solar, anaerobic digestion of organic waste …) is called “green energy.” Since 2007, the French energy market has been liberalized and opened to competition. Also, there is a multitude of offers that households can subscribe to, including green energy.

Green electricity offers

Green electricity is produced from one of five renewable energy sources (solar, wind, hydro, biomass and geothermal). It accounted for 18.7% of the power generated in France in 2015.

How green electricity offers work

As soon as an electron from a renewable plant is injected into the grid, it is no longer possible to distinguish it from an atom from any other source of energy (nuclear power plant, fossil fuel, etc.). Also, to ensure that the electricity produced or purchased by a green supplier belongs to one of the five renewable energy families, each megawatt (MW) is controlled before it is injected. For that, there is a registered designation of origin.

  • When they market power that they do not produce directly, suppliers can either directly buy green electricity and its original warranty or have enough guarantees of origin to justify their entire energy supply. Green.

The Department of Energy in 2013 commissioned the company Power next – and for five years – to ensure delivery, monitoring and proper use of the guarantee of origin certificates. To this end, each of its documents must mention the source of energy from which the electricity was produced, its date and place of production. Its operations are recorded in the National Register of Guarantees of Origin.

Electrons cannot be routed individually to a customer who has a green offer, so this system ensures that an equivalent amount of electricity to that consumed has been produced using renewable energy. These guarantees apply to all green voltages generated in the European Union. Also, a green power consumed in France can come from any Member State.